Muvizu Beta 0.14

Load predesigned 3D model assets in a virtual environment to create custom 3D animated scenes

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    3D Design

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    Beta 0.14

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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  • Program license:Free
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    6.2 (41)

Create fun animated movies with Muvizu, a free software application that takes all of the boring work out of this traditionally arduous task. Instead of struggling to master the time-consuming basics of animation, an amateur cartoon director is freed by a drag and drop interface, a layout that really encourages artistic inspiration. Thanks to that clever character animation system, a keen director can easily bring his newly rendered scene to life in minutes, not days.

There are hundreds of frustrated animators who don't think they have what it takes to turn their story into a convincing movie. They give up trying, end up sketching badly drawn characters on scratch paper, or maybe they hire someone else to do the heavy lifting. Muvizu solves the issue by helping that disgruntled director find an alternate path to animated glory. The software is free. Therefore, when it's downloaded and installed on a Windows computer, even the most ham-fisted cartoon creator can get to grips with this character production package in no time at all. As mentioned earlier, it's the drag-and-drop feature that makes all this possible. The included characters are loaded into a scene, they're then dressed for that scene and directed like a digitally rendered puppet. If one of the characters is supposed to move, draw a line with the mouse. The animated actor follows the direction. Better yet, that action calls up a gait editor so that the little thespian will stay in character as she or he moves.

Like any fully animated story, many other actions are semi-automated. That's how the fun level is maintained and all of the technical complexity associated with this art form is reduced. Soundtracks are the second half of the animated workflow, for no cartoon feels like it's alive unless it has a musical track, plus character voices. For that latter feature, call up the automatic lip-syncing submenu. Timelines, virtual studio lights, special effects, and much more besides, Muvizu has much to offer. Yet the ease of use factor is never lost, not when the 360° camera can get up close to the action.

Muvizu is meant to be fun. It's also very easy to master, which is something that can't be said for most animation packages. Use the program for amusement, or employ it as a pre-visualization aid, one that sets up the scene for a real movie. Whatever its role in the creative process, the animation and design software won't take up much hard drive space, although it does require a fairly powerful computer. And, should the sense of fun wane, do return to the Muvizu site. Back here, there are more character packs to download. Caution is advised, though, for the expandable character packs do cost extra.

  • Free to download software
  • Muvizo makes animation easy
  • Automates lip-syncing
  • Additional characters are available
  • Perhaps too simple for the intermediate animator
  • Additional character packs are not free

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